Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dinner: April 12, 2007 7 p.m.Take-out Greek FoodYesterday was Mom's birthday. I didn't get to write last night because I had to go to bed. Mom was going to make easy paella, but Dad said that making dinner on her birthday was out of the question. So he got Greek takeout on his way home from work.Zoey and I made a cake on Wednesday with some "help" from John. Then yesterday Zoey and I made chocolate frosting to go on the vanilla cake. The cake was going to have three layers but we didn't have enough frosting or enough time to make more.I don't know what else to say so that's it for now.
by Mitchell Family
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Gina said...

Ruth shared a bit of the cake with us - the frosting especially was delicious! Good job, Lizzy and Zoe!