Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Intro to this blog

Lizzy, our nine-year-old, has decided we need a blog. Most of the time she will be typing this. But to save you from the random ramblings of a nine-year-old Bill thought it best that our blog have a narrow theme. Without much thought we stumbled on dinner. What we eat, what we said, when we have guests a little bit about them. We might share some recipes if Lizzy feels like typing them and there will be occasional pictures, though I found the camera at the table a bit distracting. Mainly this is a way for our friends and family scattered across the country to keep in touch and to join us for dinner.

Dinner April 11, 2007 6:39 p.m.
Ginger chicken over Chinese noodles, broccoli and bok choy saute

Two new new recipes from Martha Stewart Everyday Food--an October issue with a cupcake on the cover 2 0r 3 years ago. (I'm sorry I tore the page out of the magazine.) The chicken received 3 favorable reviews, John didn't like the veggies, Bill hasn't made it home for dinner yet--someone's having problems with their chemotherapy. The broccoli and bok choy wasn't so good. The bok choy was from our garden and I'd be so proud of it but it's the most bitter vegetable I've ever tasted. BIll's home now. He thought the bok choy was good and he also liked the ginger chicken. That recipe might be a repeat.

Zoey wondered if you could travel to heaven in a space ship. Lizzy said no and went into some deep nonsense about how 1:00 can never be 2:00 and it's the same with heaven and earth and space is obviously an extension of earth. I mentioned how Zoe's question reminded me of the tower of babel. Zoey didn't know the story and so I told it. But she wanted to keep talking about spaceships. John had no comments he was too busy picking the onions and ginger out of his noodles and throwing them on the table. Will was busy eating noodles.



Chrissy said...

What a priviledge to be the first comment on the Mitchell Family Blog! I love the theme- and it is great to keep up with what you're doing.

mlehnardt8 said...

Happy birthday Ruth! Be sure to tell us about the birthday dinner Lizzie! And I'd love some hints of what to give your mom for her birthday.

Lots of love, Aunt Michelle

MKP said...

What an absolutely appropriate name for a Mitchell blog. Way to go. When I first saw your email invitation I thought maybe you were coming for a visit and we could all go to dinner together. The delightful reading made up for the disappointing realization that that was not the case. If only I had made dinner tonight. Stanford was just saying last night that we needed the "Ruth" system of making menus ahead. That's a breakthrough. Maybe it will cut down on the stress of making dinner.

I'm off to be Diego--to rescue a wolf. Henry's really into Dora and Diego right now. Today he said, "I can't believe Dora's and Diego's moms let them go out so much all by themselves." If you know those cartoons at all, that's pretty funny.

Happy birthday, although I'm ashamed to say I don't remember the exact date. But I just started a book about memory, so maybe I'll remember it next year :)

Miss all you all.