Friday, May 4, 2007

Better Than Sea World-John's Dolphin Impersonation

We keep writing posts and then trying to attach a photo and the whole thing gets deleted and it's very discouraging. So I've been waiting till we solve this problem before continuing with our blog but last night John did something I thought you'd all find amusing. Right before dinner he stood up on his booster chair, raised his arms high above his head and announced, "Watch me be a dolphin!" Then he leapt from his chair and belly flopped on the ground. He crumpled up in a sad little ball and cried and cried. Lizzy and I kept solemn faces while comforting him but Zoey couldn't help but laugh into her napkin. What was going through his 3-year-old mind? I just called John over (which was a good thing because he was dismantling the piano chair) and asked him about his dive from the dinner table. He said, "It was so cool. I was being a dolphin." I think this might be why John has our household record for emergency room visits. He has no memory of pain. --Ruth

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Chrissy said...

OUCH! What a cute 3 year old! I wish you were still here and Im sure that Josh and John would be getting into all kinds of "boy" trouble together.