Friday, May 11, 2007

Dinner with Shinnosuke Recovered

Shinnosuke was Bill's medical student from Japan in April. We had him over for dinner on Friday April 20th. We had fajitas and key lime pie for dessert. We like to serve fajitas to our guests not from America because fajitas are truly American albeit Tex-Mex, not universally ubiquitous like hamburgers, pizza and KFC and actually taste good. We also served them in February when Bill had medical students from Germany. I don't know what Shinnosuke thought of the Fajitas. He said they were good but he was very polite--Bill said he called him Sir and bowed to him all day long. Actually, I don't think it mattered what we served him Shinnosuke seemed grateful to have a home cooked meal. He told us that he cooked his first meal on this visit to the US. He even took a picture of it and showed it to us.
We had a great time visiting. I'm sorry to say one of the blogs I deleted was what Lizzy wrote about the dinner. She said her favorite part was when he taught her to write her name in Japanese.
Bill and Shinnosuke

Shinnosuke took the picture below of our family and since many of you haven't seen us in a while I thought I'd tack it on.
L-R John,3; Me; Bill; Will, 10 months; Zoe, 6; Lizzy, 9

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TX Girl said...

Seriously Will is getting ridiculously big. He has a look all his own. I also cannot believe how big John is.

Rachel said...

Good to see your family. The girls look the same but growing and more beautiful of course. John is so handsome and looks like a handful. Will makes you want to reach in and squeeze his cheeks--I bet he is relieved that this is not possible. I'm glad I found your blog.