Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just Because

Will is so cute eating corn on the cob. OK Will is so cute whatever he
does. He is such a happy baby and so easy going. Bill some times refers to him
as chill Will. He is so amazingly tolerant of the abuse John gives him. He
actually seems to like John. He will be 11 months this week and he is working on
walking. He takes about a dozen steps at a time. He actually moves pretty
fast walk or crawl and it seems several times a day I have to go looking for
him. He is always contentedly exploring and doesn't seem to have
the flair for mischief that John does. Or maybe that's wishful thinking.

Since I had the camera out John had to have his picture taken as well. He tried to make a nice photo by building a corn/ketchup tower.
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Chrissy said...

Love the corn/ketchup tower- He's all boy.