Monday, October 8, 2007

B is for Blogging

A couple of weeks ago--starting on Tuesday Sept. 18th--I taught John's preschool. We studied the letter B and the number 2. One of our activities was painting with blue bubbles. I mixed blue paint powder into bubbles and then the kids blew bubbles on the paper. When the bubbles popped they left a marbleized bubble print.

Note the great smocks. One of the preschool moms altered some of Bill's extra white coats into painting smocks.

For science one day we studied balloons, balls, and bubbles. A little pre-K intro to physics and chemistry. We explored: Why do balls fall and bubbles float? What's inside a balloon? Why do some balloons float? This was a big hit until we brought a bunch of helium balloons into the room. It was frightening how quickly children's innate curiosity was snuffed out by greed. Suddenly the only question anyone cared about was, "Can I have a red (substitute for child's favorite color) balloon?" Next time I'll have all blue balloons. We also read "Blueberries for Sal" and ate blueberries.

On another day for P.E. we did some yoga. I thought it would be fun to do the life cycle of a butterfly. We read the very hungry caterpillar and then acted the story out. I modified some poses to work. Below we are all being caterpillars (cobra to child's pose.) Then we went into cocoons (child's pose with head on stacked fists) and then came out as butterflies (butterfly pose). This was a big hit.

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Mollie said...

It was such a fun day! I was so happy to be there an be a part of it.

kim & co. said...

Fun! I wish we were still around--your preschool sounds great!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Amazing! Just reading about your preschool made me tired! I don't know haw you do it!

Catherine M. said...

I'm teaching Pre-K for Max. Hes a bit too young if you ask me, but the moms in the area wanted to get the group together.

I think of you every time I do my week and wish we still had you in Dallas with your amazing kiddos and hubby.

I'd love to chat on the phone sometime...

TX Girl said...

Shut up- you are an overachiever if I have ever seen one.

Love the yoga idea.

I want her to alter one of Adam's into a smock. Did you add your own patch?

When are you moving back? At least I get to see you in 3 weeks. YIPPEE!!

TX Girl said...

I forgot to add- Blueberries for Sal. Sniff, sniff. I still get sad when I read it to Lulu.

Marg said...

Just want you to know--I love reading your blog. Makes me feel as if you're just around the corner.