Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Alders Visit

The Alders came to visit this last weekend--earning them the most frequent non-relative visitor award. In honor of this accomplishment Bill decided to take the afternoon off. Unfortunately, the afternoon didn't go as smoothly as planned. First, as Bill was biking home from work a car stopped at a light and flung open a passenger door just in time for Bill to slam into it. He flew over his handlebars. Thankfully he was not carrying peaches.

So we were a bit delayed while Bill cleaned up his road rash. And when we finally reached the shopping center in Carlsbad where the Alders had been waiting for more than an hour, we couldn't get the key out of the car. After much experimentation and consternation we decided to just eat lunch in view of the car. From then on the visit went a little smoother (and we finally did get the key out of the car) but still the beginning set the tone for the rest of the weekend. The Mitchells had lots of mishaps and the Alders were patient. In the photo below we are visiting the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside. I thought the church was lovely and look forward to visiting more missions but probably without children.

I know we are bit small but at least you have a nice view of the wrought iron gate. Back row: Lara, Adam (with two month Teddy in the baby Bjorn), me and Will in the backpack. Front Row: Tallulah, Lizzy and Zoe. Off doing his own thing climbing the railing: John.

For those of you who don't know the Alders--they are friends from Texas and in a round about way friends from Utah--Lara and I went to the same high school. Though we didn't really know each other back then, we can talk about the same people from high school. Adam is a surgery resident and Lara is a mother who always has a few projects on the side. I think she is currently a slave (OK assistant) to a realtor in Dallas. She worked for years at Banana Republic and as result she and Adam always dress meticulously.

Here Bill is showing off his road rash. John is in the photo because by this point in touring the mission to keep join contained Bill had implemented the hand in Dad's pocket rule.

Bill teaching John proper bell ringing technique. Yes, John rang the bell with his head inside. Other weekend activities with the Alders included: the zoo, some tide pools, Zoey's final soccer tournament. The Alders did lots of dishes and even a little babysitting while I had a church meeting and Bill went to a neighbor's coming of age ceremony (ask Bill for more details.) They are great guests and great friends and I hope for their next visit to have fewer Mitchell mishaps.

Below: Bill and Will at the tide pools.

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SpyderDoc said...

You said a lot of nice things about the Alder's--too many. Thanks for putting us up for so long while y'all were so busy.

And as a parting note, I don't dress as meticulously as Lara would like!

Hope to visit soon. And y'all are always welcome down in our neck of the woods.