Sunday, March 2, 2008

John's Birthday Party

Although John had to spend most of his birthday strapped in car seat, he eventually got a birthday party.

This hat that his Grandpa Dave gave him for Christmas was the inspiration for a construction party.

We made cardboard houses.

And stepping stones.

Finally, check out this front loader I made for the cake. I can't take full credit, the donut wheels were my mom's idea--a tasty stroke of genius.

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kim & co. said...

I LOVE the cake! That is awesome!

Ken said...

This was a fabulous party! Thank you for sharing this memory. John will always remember his "CONSTRUCTION BIRTHDAY PARTY".

Alexis said...

What a cute cake. What are the loader teeth made of?

Hammy said...

Cute! Happy Birthday, John.

Mitchell Family said...

Alexis, The loader teeth are bits of pound cake cut into triangles. The cake is two pound cakes cut up. Because it's denser the pound cake works great for carving. Ruth