Sunday, April 27, 2008

My philosophy on birthdays

Happy belated birthday to me. My birthday was two weeks ago but you know it just takes me awhile to get around to blogging and everything else. Lots of friends have been apologizing about missing my birthday which is silly because I had a great birthday. We went strawberry picking in the morning and then hiked to the beach. My mom made me a nice dinner and we had strawberry short cake for dessert.

It was an uncommonly warm day for San Diego and I especially enjoyed the sunshine because growing up more often than not it snowed on my birthday. And more often than not everyone complained about the snow and said, "I can't believe it's snowing in April." And I wanted to tell them, "Actually, it does every year."

Anyhow back to my thought on birthdays, I received all sorts of wonderful gifts. One friend brought me a cake the day before my birthday. It was lovely, it looked like an open book with a book worm. I should have taken a photo but it was eaten too fast. We had an impromptu party with my kids some of their friends and Lizzy's cello teacher. One friend sent me a book, another made me a necklace, my sister wrote a really nice blog about me. I got a rice cooker and some laundry baskets. I felt very loved.

But several of my closest friends forgot and I can tell they felt bad, but they shouldn't. Birthdays are opportunities not obligations. They are a chance to do something nice for someone we care about. They should never be a source of guilt. Some years we remember, some years we don't. I told Bill this and then ammended that this is in no way true for Valentine's.
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Debby said...

I love your philosophy! Yeah! It makes me feel better. I'm awful at remembering. In fact, last year, I started sending out half birthday cards to everyone in my family and husband's family, because....well...most people aren't as likely to notice if their half birthday card is late!

Happy belated birthday! The strawberry picking looks like fun! What a way to spend a day!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a nice day. And when exactly is your birthday again, so maybe next year I'll remember? That strawberry shortcake looks really, really good.

kellie said...

Happy belated birthday and agree with your birthday philosophy. Our strawberry pick them place opens next Saturday and your beautiful cake as inspired me to bake.

Hammy said...

It sounds like you had a great day. I love the thought of strawberry picking, and the cake looks delicious. We thought of you and your birthday as we tried to pick a day to go to Ennis because the bluebonnet festival is right around your birthday. (And yet I still forgot to send a birthday wish. . .)

Alexis said...

Happy Birthday, Ruth. I thought about you on your day, and am glad you felt so loved.

TX Girl said...

Yeah- I was one of those friends. For me it was more about the fact that every year you lived here you always made me feel like a super star on my birthday. I always felt so loved. So although you had lots of family and friends around I didn't get the chance to do what you have done for me for so many years!

I'm happy you had a wonderful birthday and strawberry picking is a very Ruth birthday kind of thing.
Happy Birthday Friend

Marin said...

Hey Ruth! It's great to spend a few minutes reading your blog. I loved the post about Becky - she really is such a generous person. She told me all about her visit...and never once mentioned you had been so sick! Hope all is well :) You're kids are growing up so fast! -Marin

Marin said...

Hey Ruth,
It's been great spending a few minutes reading your blog. Your kids are growing up so fast! Becky told me about her visit, and never once mentioned that you had been so sick! Ugh! She had a great time. Hope all is well - keep those blogs coming :)

Marin said...

OK, I don't really know how to leave comments...I thought that first one hadn't published. Oops..