Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July Celebrations

Yes, we made eclairs for Bastille day. It was part of our summer preschool. We used Bastille day as an excuse to do a week all about France. I don't think I've written much about our summer preschool. It's a bigger group and a little more laid back than our school year co-op. It's for John and his friends but Lizzy and Zoey absolutely love it. And they are big helps. We did lots of fun things with France which you can read about in my friend Valerie's blog here and here. But because I have to cover my parent's anniversary and Pioneer Day. I'll just mention my favorite which was sketching out of doors. Here is Lizzy sketching in the garden.

With summer preschool we have a field trip every Friday. The fieldtrip is for moms and siblings. For French week our field trip was to the art museum. We had an excellent tour geared to 4-year-olds. Afterward we had a picnic and the kids played in the fountain and then they sketched water lillies just like Monet.

My parents had dinner with us on their 42nd Anniversary but there was no cake. It was actually a pretty basic dinner. But it was during this meal that Lizzy said she wanted to post another 2 truths and lie blog and we came up with the cake. I wish I had made it, it would have been so much easier than making bonnets. Anyhow, we did go through my parents wedding album and I scanned some photos. These are two of my favorites--before the wedding and right after. (And for those of you wondering that is a cross in the background. My parents were married in the Congregationalist Church. They joined the LDS church years later and after they already had three kids.)

And finally the bonnets. For the last few years I've been saying that I want to make bonnets for Pioneer Day (For my non-Mormon friends and family, let me explain Pioneer Day is the day the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, July 24th, 1847. In Utah July 24th is a State Holiday one of my favorites. But even though we don't get work off, we still usually have some celebration) This year the week before I said whistfully, "I guess I won't make bonnets this year." And Lizzy said, "Why not?" The reason you are hearing so little from me this summer and it has taken me more than a month to write one silly blog (notice the date on this blog--I didn't actually post till Aug. 19th) is because I'm too busy with all my "Why nots?--Why not drive up the pacific coast in a motor home? Why not host a party? Why not have another party? Why not go camping this weekend? Anyhow, the bonnets turned out great. Lizzy, Mikaela (my niece), yours truly and Zoey wore them to the Stake Pioneer Day party in the photo below. Mikaela and Zoey's were made out of old dresses of Zoey's. And lest you are too impressed I only sewed Lizzy and Zoey's bonnets my mom who was visiting sewed mine and Mikaela's she also made everyone aprons. Actually this is how she spent her anniversary, sewing for us. Thanks Mom. One of these years I'm going to make that cake. Ruth

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Lettie said...

I'm glad to see you added to your "why nots" a why not about writing up a post for us!
I love the pictures of your parents. That is fantastic. They look so young and very happy. What a treasure.
It was so good (I cannot emphasize that enough) to see you and your family. I love your girls, I love your boys and I kinda like you and Bill too.
Someday when you are not busy going on a great outing, doing something clever with your kids, or making delicious food, I would love for you to send me an email about the co-op preschool you do. I know you have posted bit about it before, but it is something I am interested in trying here. You really are amazing, Ruth! :)

Mollie said...

I love how your dad is looking at your mom just after getting married. So adoring. Thanks for sharing.

SpyderDoc said...

It is frankly un-American of you to celebrate the bloody revolution of an ungrateful socialist nation so entirely opposed to anything reasonable and honorable.

They sure can cook, though. Bet they would have a great recipe for the 42 cake.

Emily Murdock said...

Miss you! Keep the updates coming, I love looking at your sweet family!

Isa said...

These pictures are so great!

Linn said...

You guys are so exciting and fun! Next time, please come and be fun in Boston.