Monday, February 9, 2009

Hull's Visit and a Happy New Year

One reason I've found blogging difficult this year is we have way too many photos. Both Bill and Lizzy got new cameras for Christmas. Three cameras in the house make it hard for me to keep track of photos. For instance we had more than 3,000 photos in December. However, this is the sort of tribulation I think I can adjust to. It's nice to have Bill back behind the camera again, check out this great photo he took of Zoey.

Also, the camera came just in time to document the Hull Family's visit. I met Becky in the dorms at the University of Utah in the Fall of 1992, I met Bill the the next day. The three of us have been friends ever since. Becky wrote a great account of their visit in her blog, Holus Bolus.
Reading just a few of Becky's posts will give you a good sense of the Hull family and especially what a fabulous person Becky is. Since the day I met her, I've been trying to be more like Becky. Becky's post is fairly thorough, still there are a few photos I'd like to add.

We celebrated their daughter Helen's 4th birthday during their visit,

as well as our 13th wedding anniversary--both on the same day. We did not draw this heart on the beach, but it was there and it was our anniversary and the sun was setting and why not?

We also had a New Year's eve party with the Hull's, my parents and my brother Mike and his two kids. We took a great picture of Mike that I would have liked to have posted, but he stealthily deleted it from Bill's camera. The Hull's visit as well as my brother's made the whole week after Christmas feel like a party. We loved it. Please come again, soon. And the invitation goes to all of you.

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Mollie said...

Lizzy looks so grown up already. How'd that happen so fast? Just so you know, Ruth, I think (almost on a daily basis) "How can I be more like Ruth?" I'm also sad I never had a tour of UCSD's sculptures via Christy.

Michelle said...

ooh, you've posted again! Wow, Becky hasn't aged a day in 17 years. Looks like you are getting good use out of those cameras!

Brandan and Becky said...

I'm old enough to still be really, really excited about digital cameras. Lizzy is going to grow up to be just as good a photographer as Bill and you won't have rolls of film to develop while she builds her skills. Love the photos.