Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A page from my journal

I recently reread this page from my journal and thought it captured well how I've been feeling the past couple of months.

May 28, 2009

I'm sitting with my mom--she is asleep. I came to watch her while my dad goes to a doctor's appointment. This is a peaceful, quiet moment. ...I'm holding up OK. Sometimes I think, "How am I going to get through all this?" This feels like more than my heart can bear. But mainly I just plod along grateful for all the help I get: Jen Winn's babysitting on Friday, Gary and Joan on Saturday, Colleen on Monday. Gary and Joan brought dinner. Maren watched kids on Tuesday. Beth watched Will yesterday. Christy watched both boys. Emily Wignall brought dinner. Isa brought bread. So many send notes and call and I know are praying for us...

Many other names and acts of service could now be added to this list. To those named and unnamed, thank you. Ruth


Angela said...

Oh, Bill & Ruth, I just wanted to express my condolences. I haven't been keeping up with the blogging world for a few months; and today I finally came around to reading updates on family and friends. I just learned about your loss. Your journal entry and talk from your mother's funeral are so thoughtful. Part of me feels tears for you loss, and part of me is inspired and uplifted thinking about the great example and life your mother led. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Teachinfourth said...

Yet, you made it. It's helpful to know that there are others out there who have been through what it is that my family is going through...we will make it, too.