Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Neighbors

Sunday night my neighbors called and said she had some food for us. I had just put a chicken pot pie in the oven but it would take more than an hour to cook and I knew from experience that what she was serving would be better. I think as American cooks go I'm pretty good, but ZoZo (pronounced ZuZu) my Palestinian neighbor puts me to shame. Sunday night we had homemade hummus, babaghanoog, dawali, oozi rice, roast chicken, beef and potatoes, taboulah, watermelon and cactus fruit. We always have a good time visiting while the kids play games. Sometimes we compare and contrast the similarities and differences of our religions. This was especially true one dinner we had together on a fast Sunday during Ramadan. It was lovely breaking our fast together.

Lately there has been a lot of anti-Muslim talk in this country and it makes me heart sick. These are good people who are being persecuted for their religion. Zozo tells me that she's had people swear at her, make crude hand gestures and tell her to leave the country--all as she is driving her kids around in her minivan. She points to her head scarf and says, "It's because I wear this, but I love my religion."

How can we help but love such good, generous people?


Michelle said...

This was a great post! Thanks for you insight. I love the picture too! Priceless.

jenn said...

Great post! So glad to see you posting. You are a wonderful neighbor and cook!!

Brandan and Becky said...

Dinner looks delicious. Listening to the news on Saturday, I thought if I could figure out how to donate to the proposed Muslim community center in NY, I would do it.

Linn said...

We can't help but love them. It breaks my heart how cruel others can be. What a fabulous friend!

Ken said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and the photos! I remember your wonderful neighbors.
Love, Dad

TX Girl said...

I AGREE! I just don't get it. The whole is ridiculous.

I'm jealous there are two fantastic cooks living in such proximity to one another.