Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

I've just returned from the assembly in which Zoey gave her campaign speech. She was the last speaker and did a great job. I think she was the only candidate to get laughter from the audience. I just enjoyed watching her so I didn't take a very good photo. It really doesn't tell the story because I caught one of the few moments she wasn't grinning. When Zoey gets nervous she smiles, so most of the speech she smiled a way. It was charming. Hopefully, some of the third and 4th grade boys will think so too, break tradition and vote for a girl.

Here she is with the other two presidential candidates. Everyone voted immediately after the assembly. We find out the results tomorrow morning.


Brandan and Becky said...

Crossing my fingers for Zoe!

By the way, I know more about California's gubernatorial candidates than I do Oregon's. Happy other election day, too.

TX Girl said...

We are pulling for you Zoe.

Linn said...

Crossing lots of fingers here in Boston!

Kelibby's Mom said...

Good luck Zoey. You're a winner in our book no matter what happens (but we know you'll do great!).