Monday, November 8, 2010

Now that Halloween is Over

Sunday morning as I was working on this blog, John was busily working on his Christmas list for Santa. I wasn't paying him much attention but I remember him saying something like, "Oh there isn't enough room. I'll have to send him another letter."

I've never had a child write a letter to Santa, other than a school assignment. And in that case they've always had a hard time coming up with something they want. At 6 all Lizzy wanted was unsharpened pencils and chocolate.

So what does a 6-year-old boy want? Letter number 1: A metal detector, a robin hood costume, a tree fort, a wooden snow man that he can paint, a cash register, a barbecue, a hippity hop and a balance board. Letter number 2:. nutcracker, an indian tent with a fake axe and a "cwivar fll of earose and a boe." Bonus points for those who can decipher John's spelling.


Lettie said...

Love it.
and translation..."something" full of arrows and bows.

jenn said...

quiver - I saw those this morning and was super impressed thinking you encouraged this to get an early shopping list. Love John!

kim said...

Love it--and the spelling. Having my own 6 year old, I've gotten pretty good at deciphering those spellings, too!

And I'm amazed you've skipped all the earlier years of santa letters. I'm scared this year because Bean hid hers and keeps telling us she put something on it that is only for Santa to see.

Linn said...

Totally knew what it was, thanks to Matt's current spellings. And I love it!

I actually asked my kids to write letters, as I'm on the early track this year, and after a couple of days, both boys told me they couldn't think of anything and could they just be surprised?

Come again?

Brandan and Becky said...

Sounds to me like John wants caviar, flowers and a big snake. It's Christmas all around here, too. We're going to Idaho and Utah for Christmas and I don't want to ship anything. My biggest project is a Christmas quilt for Wade and Steph's family. I'm really enjoying all the beautiful Christmas fabrics. Sarah has me hooked on expensive quilting stuff.

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, I had all of those same things on my list, too!

TX Girl said...

quiver. Only your child would know what a quiver is! I actually thought it might be a carrier.. thanks to my own 6 year old I was able to decipher the rest.

I love that you finally got a child that supplies you with a list.

Christy said...

so pretty much every time you post about John I want to leave the same comment:


& BTW I'm still hoping to be his mother-in-law some day.