Friday, November 26, 2010

A rare sight in San Diego

We found this sheet of ice in a wheel barrow this morning. For most of you ice in November is no big deal. But in San Diego ice is so rare it seems almost magical. It's definitely beautiful.

We've had an incredible Thanksgiving despite the fact that Bill had to work over the holiday and I'm hobbling around in a cam boot. I sprained my ankle badly on Saturday. My sister and her family have been visiting and since she does such a lovely job documenting our fun, I'm taking it easy.


Christy said...

eeekk! were any of your wonderful plants damaged by the beautiful cold?!?!?!
Hope you are feeling better soon!
We were reminiscing that Bill always seemed to get a page to go to the hospital right around the time to clean up ;) such a nice tradition.

Ken Farnsworth Jr. said...

Dear Zoey,
You are beautiful! This is the first ice I've seen in San Diego. I was excited to find frost a few times. Come to Utah and we'll make a snowman!
I love you!