Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I love about Christmas #4: Being home for Christmas

We've had a steady deluge for almost a week now. The most rain in 10 years and the rain just keeps coming. I like rain and it has made it all the more cozy to getting ready for Christmas with rain pelting on the skylights. This afternoon the sun came out for a moment and then the rain started again.

Rain + sun = Lizzy was upstairs practicing guitar and then there was this frantic yelling. I thought she was hurt until she came down stairs and I could hear that she was just yelling, "A rainbow!" It was a lovely full bow that seemed to hum. We all went out in the wet to admire it.

We returned to putting lights on the tree. I may be too persnickety or take too many rainbow breaks but it takes me an awful long time to put lights on a tree. John and Will were getting impatient. I told John he could untangle lights for me. I came out from behind the tree and found every outlet in the family room had a long string of lights coming out of it. Also, Will had given up on waiting and hung a dozen red balls.

The lights are all up now. We hung a Christmas garland--a surprise gift from a dear friend-- and Zoey is dancing with her bunny to Christmas music.


Brandan and Becky said...

We love being together, too. Brandan canceled all his meetings this week and we've spent every evening playing or doing puzzles. Feels like Christmas has come early.

Ken said...

Bennie is a very lucky rabbit to have a dance with Zoey!