Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Music

Sunday is a day of rest. For my parents that means rest from Zoey's and my volume war to see what can be played louder; Taylor Swift or Harry Potter on CD. On Sunday we only listen to Sunday music and we only read books. I have a clever solution. Owl City has 'Sunday Music.' On his blog Owl City does a cover of the song In Christ Alone. You can listen to it here. This is a really amazing song I really like a what he did. I'm very impressed by how sincere he sounds. Although not all his posts are even remotely serious reading his blog inspires me to be better. My mother would like me to list examples such as reading The Screwtape Letters and arranging music, but I think the most amazing thing is me actually writing on this blog. Yeah, that's impressive.

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Michelle said...

I used a quote from Adam Young in my YW lesson Sunday (from his Deep regret post) and the girls' LOVED it. Actually they were pretty much hanging on my every word after that, so thanks for introducing me to his blog.

xoxo, Aunt Michelle