Friday, February 11, 2011

We love #11: Egypt

We've been closely following developments in Egypt. At dinner each night we've been discussing the days developments. Like so many we've been praying for a peaceful outcome and that the will of the people would be heard. This morning as I was driving Zoey to viola Lizzy called me. When I got to my destination (it's against the law to talk on the phone and drive here) I called her back worried that John and Will had gotten hurt or hurt each other. She said apologetically, "The president of Egypt stepped down. It was kind of silly of me to call." No, not at all.

On the drive home from viola Zoey and I listened to the news. We sat in driveway transfixed by the expressions of tumultuous joy. I know some are worried about instability in the Middle East and there is no guarantee that all will go smoothly in the coming months as Egypt tries to convert to a true democracy. Freedom is always messy. But today we are all savoring the joy of a courageous, peaceful revolution.

Listening to this BBC footage brings tears to my eyes. This is another good recap of the past 18 days.


Brandan and Becky said...

I had to call Brandan this morning, too, when I heard the news. I called him yesterday when Mubarak was about to give his speech and everyone assumed he was about to resign-- what a confusing speech. It's been neat to talk to Maggie the past 2 weeks. She would love to be in Egypt right now. I'm completely annoyed with our cautious government and their alarmist, anti- Muslim rhetoric. Would love to talk to you more.

Christy said...

I couldn't wait to pick Sage up from school today to tell her the good news. She's been worried. I hope this transition phase goes smoothly.