Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We love: Demolition

Years ago I asked my husband--I think we were still dating--what it was about guys and destroying stuff. We were talking about smashing mailboxes and Bill (who has never smashed a mail box) said, "Oh don't you get it there's something beautiful about watching something explode." Um, actually I didn't get it, but maybe after this weekend I do.

Saturday afternoon I looked out the window and saw the shed had no wall.

A few minutes later I looked out John and Will were on the roof. John with an axe and Will with a hammer. A couple hours later and this is all that was left. It was beautiful.


Michelle said...

ooh, that is beautiful. Ben said your yard looks completely different.

Brandan and Becky said...

Well I didn't see the shed before you took it apart, but it looks like a huge project to tackle. Must have taken a few truck loads to clear out the remains. How nice to have another grown up to help.

Christy said...

demolition is always the easiest and most fun part! Now we will really test your patience with the new construction.

Sam said...

aw. I wanted to tear down the shed.