Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Slide Show

Here it is: the Mitchell Family slide show posted on New Year's Day--a personal record I think. In order to post so promptly a few things were sacrificed, most notably Bill and Lizzy's European trip photos (which are currently trapped in an ornery computer). Also, not everyone in the family was in agreement with the song.  But I didn't feel like waiting for perfection. My personal motto for this new year (and maybe the rest of my life) is: "Get on with it."

It always amazes me on New Year's Eve as I go through a year's worth of photos, how many good things happen in one year. As I sit on the crest of this new year I wonder what this year holds. 

I expect good things in 2013 and I'm wishing you all a very Happy New Year! 

P.S. Shortly after I wrote this Bill called from the Home Depot parking lot. His car wouldn't start and needed to be towed. Apparently this year holds a few not-so-good things.

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Gina said...

Beautiful. Love. Happy New Year!