Sunday, September 16, 2007

Catching Up what I should have posted Sun. August 26

These are some pictures I was waiting for from the week after I dropped my camera in the tide pool. My parents were visiting so even though I didn't have a new camera yet, we do have some pictures of Zoey's birthday. Lizzy wanted to make Zoey's birthday cake and she did. I really didn't help. She even frosted it while I was at Zoey's soccer practice. Zoey is now seven. This year is not birthday party year for Zoey but we went out to lunch and she had scallops for dinner.

I did help make my mom's birthday cake-- a fruit trifle. This might be my favorite dessert pound cake, fresh fruit, a custard sauce and whip cream. My parents have visited us every year for Zoey's birthday and almost always stay around two more days to celebrate my mom's birthday too. I think it's great that the two Zoes share the same birthday week.

That Saturday after not checking my email for several days, I read an email from Bill Sherman saying he would be in San Diego that very day. We tried calling him but were unsuccessful. That evening when I got back from the grocery store, Bill (my Bill) said , "You'd better go back and get more food. Bill Sherman and his dad are coming for dinner." It wasn't a fancy dinner just french dip and oven fries but it is always good to see Bill Sherman and his dad (whose name is Jerry by the way). Bill and Jerry were great company and even helped move some furniture. Now if you don't know the saga of Wild Bill Sherman I don't think I have time to write it all here but to sum up. We met him 11 years ago when he was driving through Salt Lake looking for someone to ice climb with (we don't ice climb were not that cool but Bill's (my Bill's) sister does). Over the years Bill Sherman in between his many adventures--Denali, South America, Thailand, Dominica-- would show up on our door step. Bill is currently in Michigan doing surgery residency. Though I told Bill this (my Bill) and he said," Really I thought he was in Pennsylvania." So Bill Sherman when you get a chance you can clear us up on that?
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