Friday, August 31, 2007

Photos retrieved from a tide pool

I know you were all thinking that in typical fashion Ruth has gone from consistent blogging to falling off the edge of cyberspace but 'tis not so. I just dropped my camera in a tide pool. This was at the end of a very fun Saturday spent with Bill's parents the weekend of August 18 and 19. So we've gone a couple weeks without a camera. But though my camera is broken (tip: if you drop your camera in a tide pool rinse it first with fresh water and then let it dry out), I was able to retrieve these photos from my memory card. Below Zoe, Grandpa Dave and Lizzy roast marshmallows over the grill. After grilling we often make s'mores. A treat that is equal parts yummy and fun.

One of the best things we did with Bill's parents was bike around Mission Bay. We rented bikes at a place called Cheaprentals and they are as good as their name. I rented a bike with a baby seat which Will loved.

And Grandpa Dave and John rented this great bike. Sometimes Grandpa would leave before John was quite on the bike but John always seemed to jump back on even in motion. They made a great team.

Afterward we had Lunch/Dinner at a Korean barbecue place. One of Bill's colleagues introduced us to this place and it is becoming a family favorite, especially with Grandpa Dave who is considering designing his own table with a barbecue pit in the middle of it. I'm all for that. It would be really handy for s'mores. If you look closely you will see the grill in the middle of the table.

The next day there is one more photo I would have liked to have taken but alas my camera was no more. John left to use the bathroom during dinner and was gone longer than necessary. So Bill went to check on him. In a moment we heard Bill hollering from the bathroom. We thought they were upset dad yells but it turned out to be astonished dad yells. John was wearing the toilet seat around his neck. It had broken off and the obvious thing to do if you are John is to put it on like a necklace. Of all the weekends to drop my camera in a tide pool.
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Isa said...

What is the name of the Korean place? Looks yummy. You're family looks beautiful in those pictures.

kim & co. said...

Love the image of John with the toilet seat necklace.