Saturday, November 10, 2007

H is for Happy Halloween!

I hosted our preschool Halloween party the day before Halloween. Because it was a party we invited a few more than the six kids who regularly attend our co-op preschool.

For this party John was a cowboy.

The letter for the day was H and for our craft we made monster hands. You know the popcorn and candy corn in surgical gloves.

For science we did magic science. Here I'm showing the kids how vinegar and soda and a few magic words can inflate a balloon.

We also had a hunt for a hidden witches hat which turned out to be a pinata. Those who went to some of our parties in Texas will recognize a definite pattern. It was lots of fun and I was especially grateful to have my dad around to help with the clean up. Sorry there are no pictures of him. He is usually the one taking the photos.

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TX Girl said...

You need to come back to Texas to get John a REAL cowboy hat. Although- he looks pretty cute in that one.

Catherine M. said...

Holy Toledo Ruth! You need to publish a preschool curriculum book. Your themes and activities are mind boggling.