Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lizzy Lovegood

Lizzy was super excited about her Halloween costume. She was Luna Lovegood one of her favorite Harry Potter characters. Luna pretty much looks likes your average British school girl except for her radish earrings and her necklace of butterbeer corks. So pretty much nobody got Lizzy's costume. But she didn't mind. Actually a lot more people recognized her this year over the time she was the Country Bunny (which looked like a polygamist with gold tennis
shoes and paper rabbit ears.)

Note the radish earrings. We carved radishes out of Styrofoam. Lizzy does not have pierced ears yet so she had to wear clip-ons. Also, for this costume Lizzy learned how to tie her dad's tie.
We found the sweater, skirt and shoes at a thrift store. Everything else we had at home. Altogether, I think she makes a great Luna Lovegood.

Zoey was a pioneer for Halloween. This was the easiest costume ever because I asked a woman from church for a bonnet pattern and she gave me the pattern as well as a bonnet and apron to borrow just in case I would like to save time by not sewing. And indeed I could use some extra time. So I didn't bother sewing a new bonnet. All I had to sew was a shawl. Zoey won the costume contest at our church party. Bill says that at an LDS party the kid dressed up as a pioneer always wins. Zoey was thrilled.

Here we are about to go trick-or-treating. I just put on my Little Red Riding Hood costume from previous years. Will was some sort of fuzzy green monster (thank you Thompsons) and John went as a purple dragon. John's costume was also borrowed (thank you McConvilles). Bill stayed home and passed out candy. Afterward he read the kids some Harry Potter while they ate too much candy.

I read Twilight which I had been saving to read because I was told it is a sort of mind candy. I rather liked Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. And though George Eliot it is not, I consider a degree or two above mind candy--something like mind ice cream. I don't think it's really a book about vampires at all but about relationships. I think the vampire motif just heightens the thrill and risk of falling in love. Also, I liked how it illustrates the idea--not often found in modern fiction-- that we show love to others by controlling or overcoming our natural instincts. The story reminded me very much of falling in love with Bill. I think when we fall in love we recognize something extraordinary in our beloved that no one else sees. Just as on their first date Bella sees Edward shimmering in the sunlight. Bill does not appreciate me comparing him to a vampire. But it's hard not to. Along with being supernaturally wonderful he too doesn't seem to age and I'm afraid could easily pass for 17. I waiting for this book to become a movie and Bill's patients-- in addition to the Doogie Howser and Catch me if You Can comments-- to add vampire jokes to their arsenal. Happy Belated Halloween! (I've been too busy reading to post sooner than this.)
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Michelle said...

I would have known in a second that Lizzie was Luna Lovegood! My boys would have too. Don't you think the girl that played her in the movie was spot-on!?! What a great costume. And Zoe looks adorable too.

Marg said...

Love your radishes, Lizzie. What's wrong with these people? Not recognize Luna Lovegood. Very creative, I do say.


Isa said...

Lizzie...I LOVE your costume! It is simply great with your hair and angelic face...Way to go.

TX Girl said...

Lizzy is a genius. She guaranteed that she wouldn't be dressed like anyone else- unlike our Trunk or Treat where 3 Tinkerbells showed up.

Interesting observation Bill. I'll give it a try next year with Lulu.

Twilight. I totally agree with you. I tell everyone this book is really about relationships and that fact there is a vampire involved just gives it a little more spice.

You know Adam grew a beard just to stop the "how old are you" comments. Although he doesn't look nearly as young as your whipper snapper.