Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday!

Today I'm feeling as patriotic as I ever have. I had to cross through a long polling line as I dropped John off at preschool. And I wanted to say, "Isn't this a great country? That we don't need bloodshed to change regimes but instead we patiently stand in line to vote." But I did not, so I'm doing it here. And though in general politicians bug me--because by the very nature of their profession they are all somewhat insincere--today I'm grateful that there are competent and decent men and women who are willing to go through the ravages of running for office to give us all a choice. I'm going to borrow a phrase politicians overuse but today I really mean it. God bless America.
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SpyderDoc said...

let's see what they do before we go labelling them as "competent". Lets not be rash now.

BTW, I have done one of those "choose your candidate" thingys. Somehow it keeps coming up with the libertarian candidate! DON'T TREAD ON ME!

Michelle said...

How are you feeling today? I want to cry. :(

I just tagged you on my blog. :)