Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winter in San Diego

You wouldn't believe how much Lizzy and Zoey complain about living in San Diego. Their biggest complaint--the weather. "Why can't we live where it snows?" When I mention daddy's job they suggest he commute. "Can't he just fly to work?" These same girls are nostalgic for the weather in Dallas. Go figure. Anyhow a couple weekends ago they took the matter in their own hands and hung snowflakes from their ceiling. Zoey drew a picture of a snowman and put it on her door underneath it is a sign reading: winter wonderland. I'm glad I'm providing my children a childhood with hardships that they most overcome with ingeniuty.

We aren't really a Disneyland family. First, Bill is really cheap-I mean frugal. And if I'm going to go on vacation I want to visit family, history or nature. But living so close to Disneyland we thought we'd eventually make the trip. Then it dawned on us that the only child who would really appreciate Disneyland is Zoey. So the Saturday before last Bill had her get dressed, told her to wear good walking shoes and bring a rain jacket. As they drove they played 20 questions to guess the final destination. Zoey didn't know where they were going till they exited on Disney Way. Bill said she literally sparkled the whole day.

In January I finally gave up on John's nap. He now has quiet time which means he is supposed to sit and look at books or play quietly. It doesn't always work that way but it's a nice photo.

This last Sunday we had my idea of a perfect day. After church, Bill built a fire. We all sat around as Bill read "The Railway Children" and a steady rain fell outside. Occasionally, we'd toss in the pine cones John gathers on our walks and watch them ignite and become illuminated like Christmas trees before they burn out. After dinner we roasted marshmallows on the coals.
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Gina said...

All very sweet. That does sound like a perfect day. And nice quilts to keep the girls cozy in their blustery room!

kim & co. said...

Tell your girls that we will trade weather with them any day! The snow is fun for a day or two, but it gets old after 2 months.

And I love the quilts on their beds--I want to go curl up in their room :)