Friday, June 13, 2008

Tie Dye

I just told my Aunt Michelle and cousins to blog more and so as not to be a hypocrite I'm blogging. (It's me Lizzy!) This is my sock that I beautifully tie-dyed pink. John's summer preschool had a beginning of the year tie dye party. I did these socks pink and I did a T-shirt red, white and blue. For our school play (which I was backstage crew in because it's really a dance recital with some skits by 5th graders and is really not that fun to be in) Zoey's group's costumes were jeans and tie-dyed red , white and blue T-shirts. Lucky me got to help tie dye approximately 15 shirts for that (I probably did 5) so I know the technique. Mine turned out great!
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Ken said...

Dear Lizzy,
Thanks for blogging! When Mr. Nordstrom sees these socks you may get a big order!
I love you!

Linn said...

Way to go cute Lizzy! They turned out darling and thanks for having us all over to mess up your house, eat your good food and make super cool shirts. Have you finished Gone with the Wind?

Melissa and Eric said...

Cute socks Lizzy! It's fun to see a blog posting from you too :)


Crafty Mom said...

I love the socks!