Sunday, July 6, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie

Just a minute ago we were doing the dishes and talking and Mom suggested that we write a blog about our past week in the shape of two truths and a lie. Here it is.
a. Dad had call ,but still made it to church today
b.Mom started making apricot jam at 10pm on Saturday
c.Mom and I got John a Bow and Arrow
I will post my answers when I get around to it.


Hammy said...

That is a hard one, I'm going to guess that c is the lie...

Hope you get around to posting the answer before too long.

Ken said...

Dear Lizzy,
I can't believe you and your mom would stay up that late on a Saturday night!
See you next week.
I love you!

Linn said...

I am going to guess A. Great idea Lizzy!

SpyderDoc said...

I'll tell you that I am selecting B as the lie. A is surely true because, really, what do medical oncologist do that can't be taken care of over the phone?

C has got to be true because if there is one thing that John would love to have, it would be a Bow and Arrow, followed closely be a .22 rifle.

Apricot jam?! Ruth, you realize that you have 48 children, seven callings in the ward and Bill to take care of.

Next time, make the answer not quite so obvious!

Mollie said...

I was already informed by Harrison that John has an arrow at home that he really wants to see... So I'm going with B. I haven't heard about a late night apricot jam session, although it sounds like it would have been fun!