Monday, July 7, 2008

The Giant Zuchini ,and a Party despite Pneumonia

Zoey with Pneumonia

Our giant Zuchini in comparison to a Watermelon ( we made alot of Zuchini Bread )

At our 4th of July party we were going to make root beer, but we couldn't get root beer extract so we made cream soda with vanilla extract instead. It was really good and every one had fun with dry ice.

When we were at party City to get decorations we saw the long, skinny, sculpting type of balloon and Mom thought it would be fun to have it at our party. Both Sanders girls made great silly hats, but unfortunately all of Marin's balloons popped. Despite popped balloons it was a great party.
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Brandan & Becky said...

Very impressive zucchini.

Ken said...

We're so glad Zoey is recovering from pneumonia. She looks so sad in this photo. Should we bring some Root Beer extract from Utah?
Grandma and Grandpa

Mr. Dizzle said...

Good thing you made zucchini bread with that massive thing. That's the only thing zucchini is good for. I can't imagine having to eat all that straight up.

Mitchell Family said...

I just want to clarify that Lizzy wrote this. Also, she is the one who started the list of blogs we read, which is very incomplete but more than I've done. And who is Mr. Dizzle? Ruth

Lettie said...

I think Mr. Dizzle might bear a strong resemblance to the guy I am married to...

Hammy said...

Hi Mitchell family,
I just found out that Bill is now in the bishopric. How did I miss that info? What other important news is not getting on your blog. Lizzy, please keep us up to speed.

SpyderDoc said...

You call that a zucchini!

Marin said...

Hey Lizzie
(its me Marin!)

did u save me any zucchini bread???
just kidding

The 4th of july party was super fun see u later!

)i would write my name here but u already know who it is so i dont think i will)