Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie

Here are my answers to my two truths and a lie in reverse order.

c: true (Mom used a bow and arrow for sharing time and John adopted it.)

b:true,here's the proof

and a is the lie Dad was on call and did not make it to church. But it was his last weekend of call for whole year!

At first John wouldn't pose with his bow and arrow for me so I got Will to although Will was happy to pose he isn't very good at it. After much coaxing John agreed that maybe he could do a better job. --Lizzy

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Gina said...

I thought the bow and arrow was a lie! You are a brave family arming a preschool boy with a bow and arrow...

Ken said...

Dear Lizzy,
You fooled me! This was fun so I hope you will do "Two Truths and a Lie" again. See you tomorrow.
I love you.

Linn said...

I feel so smart. I love your idea Lizzy. Can I steal it sometime? Thanks for sharing.

TX Girl said...

Your little game caused quite a controversy in our household. I was right and Adam thought there was no way your mother would consent to a bow and arrow for John.

We had fun playing- hope you do it again.


SpyderDoc said...

I still don't think you gave a bow and arrow to John. And what was Bill doing at the hospital. Can't he just call in some orders from the hallway at church!

Blue said...

this is a cute little game!

it reminded me that of my darling friend who is a writer and actress in NYC. she's part of a production called "the liar show" which is based on the same principle.

several performers each tell a story, and at the end the audience has to guess who is the one telling a lie. she said it's a lot of fun, and they just returned from performing the show in scotland for a week. someday i'd love to see it.

i think i'll tell my bunch about your two truths and a lie idea. maybe she can do it on her blog.