Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random November Photos

Will with his most recent haircut.

With Grandma Zoe's help, Zoey sewed this bag.

And Lizzy made this one. (Note Lizzy's cute school uniform-the plaid skirt is even better.)

We attended several protests because the city was threatening to close our library. This was one of the few times I minded not having a television because I missed the chance to see us on the news. But the important thing is they are not closing our library, yet.

John learned to ride a bike sans training wheels. This was long overdue. I was pretty sure John no longer needed training wheels but it seemed like an event that Bill should be involved in. So when Bill finally had a free Saturday, we took the bike to the park. John just hopped on and pedaled. It was that simple. So I must remember when he's driving me crazy rearranging furniture (as he is right now) that sometimes, on some things John makes parenting easy.

But he's still a goof.

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Michelle said...

WOW! 4 years old and no training wheels? Gabe hasn't even tried a bike yet. Love the sewing projects-- love all of you!

Gina said...

Hooray for saving the UC Library! Grumpy librarians and all! I heard they were thinking of closing it and thought of you.

Brandan and Becky said...

I love Lizzy's school uniform! Nearly everyone here complains about the sloppy, immodest dress at the middle and high schools-- a common look is camisoles with ratty pajama bottoms. Why don't more schools embrace uniforms?