Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Greetings

Since we moved to San Diego every Nov. 20, I get a little homesick for the Dallas 1st Ward. November 20th is Teresa Cook's (far left) and Emily Murdock's (striped shirt) birthday. Rebecca Hunt (in black) and Kelly Dunn (far right) have birthdays within a few days. It seems like some years we celebrated other Nov. 20ish birthdays but this is the only picture I have. I don't know if it was the mix of people we had in Dallas or just a time in our lives but we had lots of parties like this. So many of us were away from family and our husbands were all in some sort of career training (graduate school or residency) and we really relied on each other for emotional support and we had a lot of fun. I miss that time and those friends and it's sad to think that you can't really go back.

One of the blessings and trials of living this vagabond life is getting to know fabulous people and then either leaving them or having them leave you. Sometimes I get tired of saying goodbye, but all in all I'm grateful for each friend. When you know people so closely you truly see the strength and beauty of their character. These are women of faith and courage and love. I've been meaning to send this picture to all four but it is an old fashioned film photo (remember those) and I never took it in to get reprints. But now they can each copy it from the blog. I did both pictures so each could choose the photo they look best in. Happy Birthday!

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Hammy said...

Those are some great gals. We miss them and you too around here. (Emily and Teresa are still in TX but sadly not in Dallas.)

Emily Murdock said...

I miss our birthday parties! My birthday has never been the same. But--someday we'll have to plan a reunion and all get together someplace wonderful.
You're right, that time in our lives was very special. You all were our family when we had no one close, and I sure do miss you.
You are a dear friend. Thank you for this fun reminder of a fantastic tradition.
PS I have pictures of my own from this night. I made a scrapbook page with them, and maybe by NEXT November 20 I'll have unpacked it. :)

TX Girl said...

Wow- that picture makes me cry. It reminds me that too many people have moved. We actually don't have parties like that anymore... especially since the queen moved :)

Michelle said...

miss you. call me when you get a chance. xoxo, m

Amy said...

I've often wondered what made Dallas party-central. I've tried my best to recreate it in our subsequent places, but I can't match it.