Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sacrifice brings...

Six years ago today I came to the end of my most miserable pregnancy. For the last few months my skin itched so much that each night before bed Bill would wrap my arms mummy-like in towels and tape to keep me from scratching in my sleep. Each morning, we'd find that I'd removed the towels and scratched my arms raw again. It really looked like I was bleeding from every pore. I spent all my waking hours thinking--"Don't itch, don't itch, don't itch--just breathe."

Most of the time I try to forget that experience. But it all came back yesterday afternoon as
I was hurrying into my room and I found this on my pillow.

I guess all that misery was worth it.

Definitely, worth it.
Happy Birthday John!


Brandan and Becky said...

Your story made my skin start to itch.

Happy Birthday, John!

Lettie said...

Sweet. Happy birthday to him!

jenn said...

Totally worth it! We love John.

kim said...

Happy Birthday, John! I can't believe your 6 already!

And I miss sour grass bouquets.

Tasha said...

Happy birthday John! I love that boy.

Linn said...

No question.

Happy Birthday John! Matt sure misses you cute boy.

Emily Busath Murdock said...

I remember that!! I felt so badly for you. Ah, the things we do to have the honor of being called Mother.
John is blessed to have you as his.

Happy Birthday to darling John, who obviously still has his sweetness. Miss you all.

Michelle said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that was the sweetest saddest story.

Pregnancy stinks. Babies rule.

Happy Birthday to big John!

xoxo, m

Valerie said...

What a little sweetheart!

Mollie said...

We miss John (and the rest of you!) Can't wait to see all of you in about a month!