Monday, June 28, 2010

So much to celebrate

Last week was a busy one it started with Father's day and Lizzy's 13th birthday. My dad and Bill put up with pink decorations and Lizzy had ribs for her birthday dinner. You can spare all the wisecracks about teenagers. Lizzy is an absolute delight. We love having her around.

The next day was the last day of school (June 21st, it felt like it would never come) and the day after that was Will's birthday.

Will pretty much thinks he's King Arthur--I don't really mind because he calls me queen. So we recycled Zoey's 4-year-old princess party and had a King Arthur party. We made shields instead of tiaras but we still had a treasure hunt for a dragon pinata.

The little rhyme I wrote for his invitation sums up the party nicely:

Come all ye knights and ladies fair
To a castle built o'er a dragon's lair.
Celebrate the birthday of a king,
East some cake, dance in a fairy ring.
We'll slay the dragon before it's o'er
And crown King Arthur who is turning 4!

We took one day off and then we had Lizzy's Harry Potter movie marathon party. The girls ate mass quantities of movie candy so I didn't really need to make a cake; but I couldn't resist such a good excuse to make a Union Jack flag cake.

Lizzy has two groups of friends: those who like Twilight and those who love to hate it. Most of the friends at the Harry Potter party fall into the latter category. But they all love Lizzy so much that they gave her lots of Twilight paraphernalia--which all came in handy the next night for Lizzy's birthday party part B: We watched New Moon in my friend's swanky private theater.

Note: Lizzy's New Moon t-shirt a gift from a Twilight-Hater Friend.

Once again this seemed a good excuse for edible art. They are wolf cupcakes--really cute, but hard to photograph. Finally, one last shot of Will in his new church clothes that he got for his Birthday--and yes that's what he asked for. John jumped in to make the picture just about perfect.


Brandan and Becky said...

So much to rave about from your post! Every photo tells a story. Love the iridescent green dragon pinata. Your cakes are amazing. My favorites are the wolf cupcakes. Love all the party ideas. Will is so handsome in his church clothes. Happy Birthday to Will and Lizzy (who deserves her own shout out-- she's so beautiful) Thanks for sharing!

kim said...

Your kids are all getting way too big!!! It's hard to believe that it was 4 years ago when Will was born. And I love that he asked for church clothes--Abe keeps begging for ties. I guess we should enjoy it while he thinks that stuff is fun, and not a torture to put on every Sunday :)

Ruth said...

What fun - very cute pictures!

Michelle said...

I love that Lizzy had two parties. Love the cakes and themes!! My favorite is Will in his suit with his arms folded. He is the King of Primary 5!!! Every time I I look down at him lately his arms are folded. I am so proud of him! Thanks for sharing!

Kelibby's Mom said...

What fun-filled days! Happy Birthday to the "top priority". I've no doubt she is still as delightful as ever. And Happy Birthday to cute little Will. We sure miss your family!

Jordan said...

That flag cake was so yummy! Will is getting so big and Lizzy is a delite you do have so much to celebrate.

Tasha said...

Love the pictures! I remember when I turned 13 I was afraid of becoming an awful teenager that everyone complained about, so I insisted that I was 12 and 5/4ths. Lizzy is a light and a blessing to us all. And Will looks so cute in his suit. What a fun boy!

By the way, thanks for the Rhodes coupons; my roommates and I are certainly enjoying them!