Saturday, December 11, 2010

Any ideas how John did this to his shoes?

In just three months?

To prolong the life of his next pair of shoes I decided to buy two pairs. One of them fittingly has flames.

John talks about his new shoes like a new car. "I'm not sure how fast they are yet. I haven't run in them at full speed. I think the flames will make me faster."


Ken said...

Dear John,
Your new shoes look real fast! They will help you catch lizards. I remember when I got new shoes when I was six. We called them sneakers. They were fast too!
I love you!

kim said...

That is pretty impressive work on the shoes!

I just heard (and haven't actually verified that this is true), that if you buy shoes from Sears, you can replace them for free as long as the kid is still wearing the same size. Might want to look into that next time :)

Michelle said...

those do look fast! My boys always wear out, never grow out of, their shows. They like to get six or seven holes before we buy new ones.

Of course Mary has so many shoes that she can't wear them out. :)

Teachinfourth said...

I want my shoes to last…that's why I don't buy the ones with the flames on the side. I don't want to run TOO fast, you know?

Christy said...

we have some faster shoes than others in our closets too! we miss running with you in the dino park!

Michelle said...

I love John! I always believed that being able to run faster just naturally came with a pair of new shoes.

I remember I would even give them a quick test run in the store. Of course, that really only amounted to a brisk walk around the displays.

But still--it was important to confirm that they would fit the bill.

TX Girl said...

I. Heart. John.