Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love Enchanted

This is me and my cousins combatting Thanksgiving dishes by singing Taylor Swift's song Enchanted. I love this song. It is probably my favorite off of her new album, Speak Now. I love it even more because it introduced me to Adam Young (Owl City). After decoding the secret message in the lyric booklet for the song (A-D-A-M) I promptly googled Taylor Swift and Adam. Google knows everything and it directed me to Adam Young. I already like his music, but now I read his twitter and his blog. He is amazing. Anyways, that brings me to today and his Valentine's day post. While you read it think of me and my epic fan girl screams.


Michelle said...

I screamed with you Lizzy. And I think we need to put a little more Adam Young in Freddy West. ;)

p.s. one of my favorite photos ever. Notice how cute you look? You looked that good in every photo-- it's uncanny.

p.p.s. when I read your text in the car this morning Ben said, "I like Lizzy. She's great." So true.

Brandan and Becky said...

I did not know Taylor Swift left messages in her lyrics. Very interesting.

Linn said...

I am a huge fan of Adam Young. Loved his post, but also loved yours, Lizzy. You are fabulous!