Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We love Waffle Wednesday

Since the beginning of 2011 we've had a breakfast schedule that has made my life so much easier and significantly reduced whining. Monday--Muffins, Tuesday--Oatmeal, Wednesday--Waffles, Thursday--Toast and Fruit, Friday--French Toast, Saturday--Cereal, Sunday--Cinnamon Rolls. As you can see we are kind of fond of alliterations but not fond enough to skip oatmeal, though there are some in the family who wouldn't mind.

I originally put waffles on Wednesday because I think it's nice to have something to look forward to in the middle of the week. The alliteration was just serendipity.


Ken said...

Ruth, You make every day special.
Lizzy, You are beautiful.

Michelle said...

Ruth you are the cutest mommy in the world. I love the alliteration.

Lizzy lou-- thanks for making me look cool in front of all the YW. They thought it was AMAZING that I knew about the Adam Young/Taylor Swift connection. :)

kim said...

We've been doing a breakfast schedule to reduce whining and complaining for several years now (and funny enough, I thought I got the idea from you--have you not done this in the past?).

Ours doesn't incorporate alliteration, though, and we actually have oatmeal twice (its a HUGE favorite around here). I always forget about muffins--that would be a good addition (except then I have to get up earlier. . . hmm.)

Michelle said...

And here I feel all accomplished if I toast an Eggo frozen waffle for Tucker on the weekend. Bonus points if it's before 9:00 am.

(It's really about time I start steppin' up my game!)

Lettie said...

Ruth, you are so out of my league. For one - no one leaves the house to go anywhere except Nathan, so I should be able to make a nice breakfast, right? Well, most mornings we eat cereal. For two - am I the only one who had to look up "alliteration" to know what you were talking about?! I love that you are this way. Your kiddos are lucky. (And Bill too, obviously.)

Mollie said...

Oh, Ruth, I'm way ahead of you here. We've had a breakfast schedule for years now: Monday - Cereal, Tue - Cereal, Wed - Cereal, Thurs - Cereal, Fri- Cereal, Sat - Cereal, Sun - Cereal. Haha. You really do impress me. What a lucky family you have!

TX Girl said...

I love that the one day a week you aren't breaking your neck to get the kids out the door to school is the day you feed them cereal. Hilarious!

As always, you inspire me.

Brandan and Becky said...

Looks amazing!