Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you forgot I am a teenage girl here is your reminder

So I have been reading Owl City's blog lately cuz it's amazing. My favorite posts are the ones about kitchen mischief, cowboys in Wyoming and marshmallow fluff. You see, these are the ones that make absolutely no sense. There is something extraordinarily charming about writing without a moral or even a theme. But nonetheless I have a theme today (you might not have noticed because in the true Adam Young spirit I am rambling, hopefully not too obnoxiously.) So you can understand I will give you a clue: It's in the title. Yes the theme of this post is that I am a stupid teenage girl with nothing to talk about. This all culminates with me telling you that today I went to my orthodontist - you need to understand that they're in a new building now.Okay so, I was looking super-cute with curled hair and gray converse and... there were several cute boys. ( hey mom did you notice them, they were boys) I don't think there have ever been boys at my ortho before. They switch offices, POOF, cute boys. I don't know where they came from, its like magic. Probably there just to admire me in my really cute outfit. So you all know this is not what I talk like in person (if you haven't talked to me lately.) This is not what I think like in my head either. This is my special voice reserved for inanimate objects and worms. So now you can feel like my computer. That's who I'm talking to now. Reading over this I can see why he never talks back, I'm kinda boring and stupid and teenage girl-like. You can let me be self deprecating because none of you have even read this far, not even my computer. So now I'm talking to myself. Goodbye self!!!


Mitchell Family said...

I saw the boys couldn't tell if they were cute because I could only see the tops of their heads and their shoes in the dentist chair. By the way the I've heard Lizzy talk to worms while gardening, it makes me wish I were a worm, it is such a loving, sweet friendly voice--wish you could all hear it.

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

I read the entire post, Miss Lizzy. I think you are brilliant AND darling. Thanks for helping me better understand the teenage-girl-brain better this evening. Oh, and I am glad that you enjoy your new Ortho's office- even if it is just for the boys.

Ruth said...

too cute Lizzy! Maybe you better keep braces on for a few more years just so we can enjoy more posts like this.

Ken said...

Thanks for the reminder. Wonderful post. I remember my teenage years with appreciation especially when I listen to the music of those times. Enjoy your teenage years and save your music. I love you!

Tasha said...

Lizzy Mitchell, I love you. And those boys should too...but not until you're 25. ;)

Brandan and Becky said...

Have you ever looked at Teen Ink? It's an online teen literary magazine that Sophie likes. She's posted one or two things, but mostly she just reads it.

Michelle said...


I wish our families lived closer to one another.
(I live about 30 minutes north of Los Angeles). Because then I could tell you endless stories of your mother when she was your age.

We lived two houses apart for 11 years, since we were 7 years old. We were best friends. Your mom was the most fun person I had ever known.

When we were younger, like elementary school age, playing was always an adventure. This was due entirely to your mom's imagination. She was the best play-friend ever! In fact, I hope she sees this because I've no doubt she will, like me, smile with memories from so long ago.

I wanted to share this with you for one very specific reason--you are your mother. Your writing sounds like her. Your intellect and maturity jump off the page (or computer screen as it were). You describe the world around you in a voice that sounds just like my friend Ruth.

(I miss you Ruth. And times like this, I miss our shared childhood.)

Lizzy--we would be the best of friends. I just know it because although we've never met, I simply adore you!

Mitchell Family said...

Michelle, So good to hear from you. I've been thinking about driving up to see you. Just last month I finally got up the courage to drive to LA--we went to Magic Mountain which I believe is pretty close to you. Anyhow, now that I know I can do that I've been thinking about making a trip this spring to see you. You of course are welcome to come down here whenever you want. Ruth