Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Post

Have you ever seen the buttons that say 'Help! I'm in love with a fictional character!'? I think these normally refer to a Twilight or Harry Potter character. However, I am in love with several fictional boys. Not in any particular order, here's the list.
1.Jace Lightwood
2.Edward Cullen
3.Jacob Black
4.Fred Weasley
5.George Weasley
6.Peeta Mellark
7.Joe Willard
8.Mr. Darcy
9.Howl Pendragon
10.Gilbert Blythe
Some of these names I think you'll recognize immediately, but I think I might have one or two that you don't know. It's up to you to guess the corresponding book by Valentine's Day. Also I'd love to hear who your favorite fictional characters are.


Lettie said...

I love this. Lizzy. I don't know who 1, 7, 9 or 10 are. Your mom always says Nate is like Mr. Darcy, so I guess I need to have a crush on him. :) Without thinking too hard, I would say that Noah Calhoun from "The Notebook" would be pretty nice to have around.

TX Girl said...

Ohhh I so love Jace Lightwood.Thanks to you and your mom for introducing us!

I missed 2- 7 and 9.

You are a very clever girl for including Gilbert Blythe. He is one of my favorites too.

I still love Llewelyn Fawr. I know.. he isn't truly a fictional character, but I loved how the author made him her own in the historical fiction Here Be Dragons. Although- your mother hated the book!

Michelle said...

Hmm, the only one I can't place is Joe Willard.

But Lizzy-lou-- how could you leave out Freddy Wesy? ;)

Lettie said...

I just cheated and looked them all up. So, if I had read the book your mom gave me that is still just sitting on my night stand I would have known #1. The book(s?) for #7 sound interesting, and if I had remembered my long ago viewing of the movie, I would have gotten #10.

Mitchell Family said...

If I were to write a list I would switch Jacob Black for Mr. Knightley (the fictional character most like my husband). Fred Weasley for Theodore Laurence (Laurie). George Weasley for Roger Hambly. And that would make an about perfect list. Lara, I never read He Be Dragons so I couldn't possibly hate it. Not that such ignorance has stopped me from having strong opinions in the past. But I hope I've grown up some.

Lizzy, I know you wanted me to write my own separate love post yesterday but the day just got away from me and I think yours counts and is and excellent we love post. Thanks for giving me some extra time to fold laundry and do dishes. I love you for it--and lots of other reasons too. Ruth

Brandan and Becky said...

I totally agree with you, especially with Joe Willard, and Howl pendragon. Sofi Hull