Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We love #8:Benjamin Bunny

Benjamin Bunny all grown up
I'm pretty sure we've never properly introduced Benjamin Bunny on this blog. Benny became a member of our household last Easter. He was not an Easter gift, Zoey had been working hard to earn the privilege of having a bunny and it so happened that she accomplished her goal the week before Easter.

Baby Benny, this photo was taken Benny's first week with our family

We bought him from a high school senior who was raising bunnies for her Future Farmers of America project. She had done an amazing job of loving and caring for her bunnies. She said she cuddled them every day. We give her much of the credit for Benny's amazing temperament. Benny is such a sweet, cuddly, tolerant bunny. I believe as Zoey's pet--he has put up with a costume of two.

Another earlier photo of Benny.Though, I think Will has changed more than Benny.

Everyone loves this bunny. Bill has made his share of barbecue bunny jokes, but just the other night he woke me up at 3 a.m. saying he was worried about Benny. It was raining outside and we still haven't built Benny a hutch. So we went out into the wet and brought the damp bunny inside. Benny is definitely and outdoor bunny since I'm allergic to him. Although that doesn't stop the kids from bringing him in and building castles for him. Zoey gives him lots of hop time in the yard or takes him for wagon rides. All of his outdoor play must be closely supervised because there's a red tail hawk who often sits on a fence post eying Benny. I'm pretty sure he thinks he'd love Benny too.


Ken said...

Benny is a very lucky rabbit to have Zoey's loving care. She has worked hard taking care of Benny and cleaning his cage. I am so proud of Zoey!
I love you Zoey,

Brandan and Becky said...

He's a charmer! Sophie would like a bunny, too.

Becky said...

Bunny's make great pets! I still remember my first bunny growing up...he was so easy-going and let us dress him up and stroll him around the house. In addition to the red-tail hawk, beware of dogs. Almost all our bunnies ended their lives in the jaws of a dog that had somehow managed to get in our yard at exactly the time the bunny was out of his cage.