Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We love #2: My Big Sister

Today is my sister's birthday--she's the one in the polka dot dress. No she doesn't look a thing like me. As a teenager people would say. "Your sister is so gorgeous, you two don't look a bit a like." So true, and in some ways we are different. But we do share the same voice--I once had someone ask if I was Michelle's sister because they recognized my voice--the love of good books, running, writing and our families. My sister has a particular talent for writing fabulous flattering blog posts. I do not but she deserves one just the same. So here's a Top 10 list of things I love about my sister:

1. She has a talent for love. She truly loves and cares for so many people. Michelle has a big heart. The problem with a big heart is that when it hurts it hurts keenly. Michelle's suffered a lot of heart ache the past couple of years. But she's continued to keep loving and serving through it all. She is Young Women's President and those are some lucky girls to be loved by Michelle.
2. She always looks great. OK this may sound shallow but I believe being beautiful is a talent. Also, so much of beauty is the light that shines in one's eyes.
3. She's a fabulous writer. I love reading what she writes and working on projects with her. I know several of my friends have become devotees of her blog. It really is fun to read and most of it--except the flattering stuff about yours truly-- is true.
3. She's a great gift giver. This is an extension of her talent for love. She is truly thoughtful about gifts . My kids all love to get a gift from Aunt Michelle.
4. She gets things done. Probably my biggest fault is I take my time, move slowly, which is fine except for when I never finish what I start. Michelle doesn't do this. She doesn't say, "I mean to do this." She just does it.
5. She knows how to have fun. A lot of doers seem to have a problem with relaxing. Not Michelle. And when she is relaxed she gives off such a happy aura of contentment that it's impossible not to put down your load of laundry and join her.
6. She adores her children and makes sure they know it.
7. She adores her husband and makes sure he knows it.
8. She will admit when she's wrong.
9. She has the gift of good conversation.
10. Time and time again I've seen her make hard decisions because of her faith. Like so many believers she sometime finds what God asks of her difficult, and can not help but exclaim, "Father remove this cup." But in the end she always submits to the God she loves. I'm certain He loves her for this, even more than I do--if that's possible.

Happy Birthday Michelle!


Linn said...

Wow, that sweet post gave me chills. You two deserve each other. I adore you both. Happy Birthday Michelle!

Lizzy said...

I love Aunt Michelle too!!! Everything you said is so true.

Tasha said...

Michelle is wonderful; I'm so glad I've gotten to know her through her blog. You have many of her same wonderful qualities. We're blessed to have both of you in our lives. :)

Michelle said...

You are far too good to me. But one clarification-- I never exaggerate your good qualities, if anything, I restrain myself so that other people won't feel too desperately jealous that they don't have a sister like mine.

Lettie said...

I have to disagree with you. I have never seen exaggerations when Michelle describes you. You truly are an amazing person.
I do agree with you, however, that your sister is a fantastic writer and takes beautiful pictures. I can tell that she loves her family as I read her blog (which I started reading to know what you were up to, but now that you update yours I just read hers for fun.)
My older sister is also a "do-er," whereas I am a thinker or want to do-er.
What a great idea to celebrate something you love every day this month. I like it. :)

Erik said...

I love your sister too. Thanks for this wonderful post. I especially like #7. How did you keep the list to only 10 items?
Thanks for the love and support over the last 2 years. It would have been unbearable for Michelle without you and your family.

Ben said...

It's actually 11 items long- there are two threes...Ya she is cool enough to have two threes. I'm so glad she's my mom.

Selwyn said...

The love and respect Michelle has for you flooded the air every time she spoke of you to me, and your post does the same for her. Thank you for sharing =)

Mitchell Family said...

Um yeah so I can't count. But which one of those would you cut out?