Monday, May 2, 2011

First Wedding Open House

When our friend and neighbor Tasha Hinton (now Tasha Moon) got engaged she asked if she could have her San Diego open house in our yard. Our response: have you seen our yard? One of the plans we talked of when we bought our home is that maybe after after 10-15 years of hard work we could have Lizzy's wedding reception in our yard. We never imagined we might host an wedding open house in less than two years. But Tasha and her sister Megan (who was also her Maid of Honor and in charge of the whole party) had a vision we did not. I also have to give credit to Bill who has worked like a dog every free Saturday tearing out concrete, leveling ground and shoveling gravel. And of course my nephew Ben who helped tear down the shed and all of my kids who also put in long hours in the yard. Actually, so many people helped to put this open house together that I can't name them all. Perhaps, it was because this party was such a labor of love that it was such an unqualified success. I can't really describe how fun it was but a few pictures will give you some idea.

The theme was rustic shabby chic. And when Megan told her parents that there would be no church tables and Relief Society polyester tablecloths there was some concern. But the mismatched chairs and tablecloths with fresh lilacs were charming.

There were lots of yummy homemade goodies brought by friends.

And lots of details that made the wedding fun for kids--starting with a desk at the entrance with gobs of old fashion candy.

Bubbles for the kids in the garden.

A photo booth to take a Hinton Family favorite--photos with mustaches.

Some of the mustaches were chocolate. That's why John's eating his.

And then there was dancing.

Probably my favorite photo. The Bishop and his daughter--Megan--dancing.


Tasha said...

Thanks again for all the work that you did and believing in our vision all along they way (although it was mostly Megan's vision and not mine!) It was truly amazing and the best day of my life, after my actual wedding day of course. Thanks for opening your home and your hearts to us!

Gina said...

So increadible. Just beautiful. A total encapsulation of the sweetness of gospel living - beauty and love and family. I hope my boys marry girls from San Diego. I'll ask if we can do an open house in your yard :) And hire Megan.

Brandan and Becky said...

But the polyester tablecloths wash up so beautifully ;)

We saw a bride and groom waiting in the Celestial room before being sealed on Saturday and it was the highlight of my temple trip-- hooray for true love!

Brock said...

Wish we could have been there. This looks like so much fun. Although, it's probably best that we avoided the inevitable cat fight over who got to dance with John.

Ken said...

Dear Ruth,
I love your family mustache photo. Thanks for sharing photos of this happy event.
Your yard has certainly been transformed.
With love,

Sam said...

Looks amazing. I can't wait to come back and help Bill out in the yard. (jackhammer envy).