Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fourth of July

Flag Cake--wouldn't be the 4th without it.
 So one of my New Year's resolutions was to blog weekly. (I hope you are all doing better with your resolutions than I am.) Anyhow, rather than trying to catch you up with the rest of the year which has been awesome, I'll just start with the 4th.

The day started with our neighborhood 5K. Lizzy, John and Will ran it with me. It was John and Will's first 5K.  They did great especially Will who beat lots of adults and older kids, including his older brother.

Then I went and bought  500 pounds of ice. Because as Grandma Mitchell always said: "Anything worth doing is worth over doing."

 After purchasing ice and trying to cram it all into our freezers, we went swimming at our friends' new house in Poway. Their pool is fabulous but it doesn't quite compensate for them moving so far away.

Zoey testing the water slide.

 Then to our second annual picnic and ice blocking extravaganza.  At which we hand cranked ice cream...

.....made homemade root beer

 and ice blocked!

I have a great video of ice blocking that I wish I could upload. But no luck, so this picture will have to do--it's pretty great anyhow.

John liked to ice block on his tummy. He calls this penguin style and it resulted in a really muddy t-shirt which I'm afraid will never be clean again.

As it grew dark, we climbed to the top of the hill and watched fireworks. It was a very happy fourth.


Brandan and Becky said...

That is an impressive amount of ice. You could almost build an igloo. Sounds like a super fun Fourth!

I call writing our weekly blog posts "Feeding the blog monster." Good luck with your blog monster.

Christy said...

Sounds like such fun! I remember having a flag cake at your place on a 4th of July!
Sage is way into penguins and would have LOVED to have ice blocked penguin style with John.
We are registered for Sage and Joseph's first 5K next weekend! Check our blog some time in the first of August for our report.
So happy to have an update on your family!!!

Linn said...

Loved the new update and that ice blocking picture is absolutely awesome! Miss you guys. And now that we live "close," me thinks it is time to visit the Mitchells. Yes? :)

Mitchell Family said...

Linn, I was just thinking the same thing. The drive is really not bad. We'd love to have you--seriously! And we really have enough room. The same goes for Christy and Becky too!

Gina said...

I love the pictures and the update! I'd love weekly updates even more :) But I'm not one to speak for keeping blogs updated...

Lettie said...

I'm just barely seeing this! I love it when you blog. The ice blocking looks so fun, actually it all does. What a great pool. And the cake - well, whenever I see those in magazine I always think of your Texas flag cake you made right before you guys moved.