Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zoe's Super Super Hero Party

Zoey turned 13 and we decided to have a party. She chose the super hero theme.  And then we came up with super hero activities, including Super Hero Clue (below).

But instead of weapons and rooms you try to figure out which super hero saved the day as well as in which city and with what super power. The game board, figures and cards were all darling. But the came proved more challenging than expected--no one ever figured it out. The kids had much more fun playing super Hero sardines in which everyone looks for the super villain as well as super hero mafia. The citizens are super heros, the mafia super villains. They also played a super hero relay in which the put on capes and masks and had to rescue a cat from a tree.

Considering how last minute we threw this party together (the earliest invitees found out about it on Sunday) the decorations were pretty nifty. We got a lot of help from my friend Jordan who was mostly responsible for the fabulous centerpiece above. She also helped Zoey and Mia with the tissue paper explosions below.

The cake was another rendition of the flag cake, this time as the Captain America shield.

Probably my favorite decoration is the city skyline we put up on the wall, it might be awhile before I take it down.  Oh and Lizzy made Zoey a glitter t-shirt with a Z in the superman logo. I don't have a picture that shows it well but take my word for it, it is also super cool. I should also mention here how much Lizzy spearheaded the planning and prep for this party she made color-coded lists for everything. And Zoey...she was amazing. She worked all day, cheerfully--not one trace of birthday selfishness.  I'm so glad we were able to pull together such a super party for such a super girl.


Lettie said...

This is awesome! Such fun parties at your house and always so creative. I love the Clue game idea!

Ken said...

Thanks for sharing your Super Hero Party photos and comments! I love all of you! Grandpa Ken

Hammy said...

darling, darling!

benilhalk said...

Everyone looks super cool in these pictures! We are also having an Avengers theme birthday party for my son next weekend as he’s a huge Marvel fan. We have a lot of kids in my family and they will love to dress up as heroes. My house is a bit small so I’ll probably have to consider some event halls for rent.