Sunday, August 12, 2007

This week's highlights-Sun. Aug. 12th

Now that John is potty trained we finally got out of the house and did some fun stuff. Like going to the beach with the Patinos on Tuesday. There were lots of jelly fish and I was stung by one on the neck while boogie boarding but it wasn't too bad about like a bee sting. Zoey had me take a picture of her with one but it didn't look like much-- except maybe a blog of purple jelly.
I thought this picture of her with Sofia is much cuter.

At some point I noticed that John had joined gaggle of girls and then later that they were burying him in sand.
His annoyed look by the way is not at the girls but at his mom for making him take the towel off his face and sit up for a picture.

After we came home from the beach we had a bunch of watermelon chunks that hadn't been eaten they were all mooshed and juicy. I threw them in the freezer and the next day we had watermelon slushees with dinner. This was a really sweet watermelon and so I didn't add anything but water and lime juice and they were oh so good. We made them again Friday night this time I added sparkling water hoping to get a slurpee effect and while it worked it was subtle. If you want to try this at home we used about 1/4 of a seedless watermelon to make six slushees or slurpees or whatever you want to call them. The yummiest and healthiest slurpees ever.

P.S. Note: Bill is not wearing a tie. Bill now only wears a tie to work on Tuesdays the only day he sees patients. The rest of the days he just sees rats. Curious? You'll have to check back in a week or so.
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You guys are living a charmed life aren't you! I love it.